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On one Summer School Camp, it is necessary for students to bring along lip balm and sunblock as prevention from dryness and sunlight. A mother, whose family pass records are distressed by cancer occurrences, is troubled and dismayed. Why? On the shopping shelves, she could not find a single lip balm or sunblock that is harmless and safe from malignant ingredients that may constitute to cancer. All her years as a medical researcher, she has been careful and selective with the things she uses and gives to her children. Hence, the decision to create a safe and edible lip balm came into picture.

Working profoundly in her lab, she produced her very first own lip balm. Thereof, she proudly presented her lip balm to her daughter.

However, to her anguish, her daughter was ashamed and embarrassed to use her unsightly lip balm in a small container. Fearful of isolation and becoming a laughing stock by her friends for bringing a brand-less lip balm, she refused to go school with the unfashionable lip balm.

With this, she is even more determined. She produced scientific and solid information to prove the severity of harmful ingredients available in the market.

The next day of school she brought forward all evidences she found and distributed to all her daughter’s friends parent in order to persuade her daughter’s friend, in the same time hope her daughter to accept the Lip Balm she made.

After this incident, a lot of friends start requesting Safe and harmless Lip balm from her and exceeded her capability to give out for free. She realise the market needs and decide to establish a brand by developing product on the basic of safe, harmless and effective. Her inspiration is to create a “safe” beauty product that even she would dare to use, always use and love to use, only then the consumer would be able to use with ease, assured and intimate.

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