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Soap Bar Mesh Pouch with Recyclable Plant-based PE Netting


You know those tiny slivers of soap that are so hard to use up yet you don't want to throw away? Well, here is a great solution! Just put them into these mesh pouches, lather them up, and scrub away. They will stretch to fit a whole bar of soap, as well. Also, the soft mesh makes for an excellent exfoliator.

Suitable Skin Type: All Skin Type

RM 12.80

Product Description

Recyclable Plant-based PE Netting

Very soft and comfortable with great foaming effect and finest foams

No fluorescent agent, safe to use.

New upgraded bubble net mesh, hand-sewn with extra durability!

Notice:  Need not pull or over rub the netting to create foam, as the designed netting is able to create rich foam without much efforts


Suspendable Pouch and String for Hanging


Large Capacity, Worry-Free

Able to contain 125g general soap size~ 


Metal buckle with double-layered bubble net 


Elegant and Sleek, with rust-free and non-plated metal buckle design, able to secure soap from slipping off!  Giving soap a longer-lasting usage life.



  • Plant-based PE Recycable Material Bubble Netting, Safe & Non-Toxic, Gentle and soft for skin even face
  • Metal Buckle with No-rust and non-plated design for more secure, slip-free design
  • Double layered bubble netting for durability, and to create more foam / bubble
  • Hanging Strips able to drip / dry off soap


Directions of Use / Notice

【For Face】Put soap into the bubble neeting, secure the metal buckle, gently rub netting for foam after adding water, use only the foam to cleanse face.  

【For Body】Put soap into the bubble neeting, secure the metal buckle, direct rub and massage netting over skin to exfoliate dead skin cells, allow pores to breathe and thoroughly cleanse to prevent back acne!

【Notice】Use as bubble bath foam ball (Be extra careful for fragile and sensitive skin), Prevent direct abrasion over facial area with the netting! 


Suitable Skin:

All skin types (Do not use this netting to exfoliate facial skin, please beware!)


Adjustable metal buckle, elegant silver stips, good secure to prevent soap from slipping off 

Size:Width 10cm x Length 16.5cm

Soap Bar Mesh Pouch with Recyclable Plant-based PE Netting