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Acne & Post-Acne with stubborn marks & scars that you wish to get rid?


For post-inflammatory pigmentation occurrence with dark spots, marks and acne scars that surfaced after inappropriate squeezing and use of damaging AHA products. It requires a long time to repair and revitalize the damaged skin cell structure and fill up the acne holes. Thanks to the newly formulated Anti Acne Serum to help repair skin cells, prevent over production of sebum, and oxidization of cell leading to scarring. With the help of NEW Intensive Clarifying Plant Extract to sooth redness acne and sensitive flaring skin. This is the Ultimate Set towards a smoother-looking skin.

Suitable Skin Type:All Skin Types, especially acne inflamed, redness skin, dry & post-acne skin.

Includes: Facial Cleanser 30ml Intensive Plant Extract 100ml Anti Acne Serum 15ml Repair Essence Mask 2pcs
RM 380.00

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