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Edible & Organic Multi-Purpose Household Wash


A 35% APG grade good cleaning and edible formulation. Contains organic aloe vera extract, natural lemon oil to remove grease, smell and residual pesticides efficiently. Purify your kitchen & utensils, vegetables & fruits, baby bottles & toys for a safer and healthier environment with this eco-friendly and 100% Safe Cleaner. Proudly achieving Europeon EcoCert Certification and rewarding every Mother's love for the family. 100% natural and toxic-free. Eliminating the chemical fertilizer & pesticides from your vege & fruits, giving it a sweeter taste! Eliminating germs from the toys and baby bottle too!

Suitable for: Vegetables, Fruits, Baby's Tools & Utensils, Pacifier, Baby Bottles, Plastic Toys, All surfaces.

RM 104.00

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