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2 in 1 Aromatic Candle & Massage Oil


The guardian of the soul, rich in carefully selected ingredients such as balsam, soy butter, cocoa butter, shea butter. Lighting up the candle in the quiet moment, when the candle melts into essential oil, it can be lightly applied to the skin to quickly moisturize the skin and make the skin feel an unprecedented smoothness! Light a scented candle at the bedside to soothe your mood before going to bed. The joyful moment at the girlfriend's party, a scented candle makes the atmosphere full of warmth and elegancy. Turn off the fluorescent lights, instead light the candles, and enjoy dinner with your loved ones. During the relaxing moment when taking a bath, light a candle to make your heart calmer.

Suitable Skin Type: All Skin Type, especially insomnia, sleep deprived you.

Scent available: No. 16 Hope; No. 18 Love; No. 20 Wise; No. 22 Trust; No. 6 Sexy; No.8 Dream (Subject to availability)
RM 242.00

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